Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Leadership: What does leadership mean to you?

By Daniel Kelly
     A leader is the first one to arrive at the office.  A leader is the last one to leave the office.  A leader makes sure his employees have the tools and resources needed to effectively do their jobs.  A leader encourages his employees by utilizing positive reinforcement, and by setting goals.  A leader listens to his employees and asks for feedback on policies and procedures.  A leader treats his employees with respect, and applies empathy when needed, regardless of personal beliefs and opinions.  A leader always maintains a positive outlook, and even when a negative situation arises can focus on the positive aspects of that negative situation.  A leader, when faced with an unforeseen problem, works to find a solution instead of complaining about the problem at hand.  A leader stands behind his employees, but is aware of their strengths and weaknesses.  A leader stands his ground and fights for what he believes in, and fights for what his employees believe in.

It may seem impossible to be all of those things.  There are good leaders in corporate business that may only exhibit a few of the qualities I mentioned in the previous paragraph.  True leaders are few and far between in 2014.  Fraud runs rampant in corporate business.  We all have seen people that pretend to be leaders, but those people can only pretend for so long before we discover the truth.

I feel I am a leader.  Everyday I wake up in the interest of motivating my colleagues in the hopes of accomplishing goals that may seem unattainable to many.  I truly believe in what I have to offer people, and I stand my ground and tell my story.  My clients are my friends, and my friends are my clients.  My partners are my companions, as soldiers to each other on a battlefield.

Leaders are not just found in the office space, they are found in all walks of life.  Leadership transcends outside of the office.  Say please, and thank you.  Hold the door open for a complete stranger.  If you see someone with a broken-down car in the street, do not pass them; pull over and help them push their car out of the street.  If you see a person fall while walking down the street, do not just be a bystander; be proactive and help them get up off of the ground.  Leadership is a lifestyle, not just a quality.  Set a good example for all of the people that work for you, and all of the people that you work for.